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Adult Inpatient Mental Health & Substance Abuse Treatment in Chicago

At Chicago Lakeshore Hospital, we have dedicated units which focus specifically on the treatment, education, and recovery of adults at different levels and needs of treatment. Our strong focus on family and support system involvement, including spirituality based intervention, lays a foundation for success before and during treatment, and through the aftercare process.

Our board-certified psychiatrists work together with addictionologists and dieticians to provide multi-disciplinary, recovery-based practices to treat the specialized needs of our patients. In some cases, pharmacy/psychopharmacology involvement is necessary and can maximize the therapeutic benefits of medication management.

Inpatient Services

Chicago Lakeshore Hospital offers adult patients a variety of psychiatric services, including a Residential Treatment Program for those individuals who need a safe and monitored environment to facilitate healing. Our caring staff is dedicated to evaluating and stabilizing adults who are experiencing psychological symptoms.

Chicago Lakeshore Hospital has Intensive Patient Units that address more significant psychiatric distress, a Senior program, an Affective Mood Disorders Program as well as a General Adult Unit that houses specific recovery programming in separate wings of the hospital. We also offer an inpatient Medical Detox treatment for those suffering from severe chemical dependency who require medical supervision to safely detox.

For patients experiencing psychiatric symptoms also struggling with chemical dependency, we offer dual diagnosis treatment as well as other specialty tracks (including sex, gambling, alcohol and food related addictions) utilizing a comprehensive approach to care.

Aftercare and Outpatient Services

Our aftercare process offers many outpatient programs that serve as a step down from inpatient (acute) level of care or for those individuals who do not require inpatient treatment. Chicago Lakeshore Hospital offers a Women’s Trauma, Dual Diagnosis, Adult and Adolescent Intensive Outpatient (IOP) and partial hospitalization programs for adults and adolescents.

Valeo Pride- LGBTQ Treatment

Additionally, Chicago Lakeshore Hospital offers the Valeo Pride LGBTQ program designed specifically for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning individuals facing depression, anxiety, alcohol and/or drug abuse issues. The Valeo Pride program is available for both inpatient and outpatient settings. We take great pride in providing a safe place without stigma or prejudice and maintaining sensitivity to the diversity of our patients.

Our Treatment Team

We believe a team approach is the most effective method to deliver quality care. The treatment team is led by a psychiatrist and often includes a licensed therapist, psychiatric nurse, activity/recreational therapist, clinical social worker, and mental health counselors. The treatment team offers not only their clinical expertise and experience, but also their concern and compassion to provide individualized treatment. We also have Spanish-speaking clinicians on staff for our Spanish-speaking patients and their families.


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