Chemical Dependency Treatment in Chicago

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The chemical dependency program at Chicago Lakeshore Hospital was designed for individuals 18 or older with a current dual diagnosis that wish to treat their addiction to or abuse of mind-altering chemicals. We offer comprehensive inpatient medical detoxification, inpatient care, and outpatient programming in a monitored and controlled environment. We are dedicated to meet the needs of our patients, regardless of their place in the recovery process.

Dual Diagnosis Care

Currently, our chemical dependency program is only available to individuals with a dual diagnosis. We differ from other drug rehab centers by solely treating individuals who are struggling with chemical dependency in relation to other behavioral health issues. In these cases, individuals may use substances to cope with their symptoms; in other situations, substance abuse may magnify these dangers. Unlike other Chicago area “drug rehab” centers, we understand the unique needs of an individual with dual diagnosis, and conduct the program to simultaneously address the link between chemical dependency and behavioral health. Our program is guided by a deliberate, structured framework that monitors the progress of the individual with the help of a multidisciplinary treatment team. A patient’s treatment team may include a psychiatrist, chemical dependency counselor, dietitian, or other professionals necessary to address the patient’s distinct treatment needs. Our treatment teams operate with expertise, passion, and a careful sense of responsibility.

Chemical Dependency Treatment Program Details

Every patient is given a treatment team to help guide them through to each step of the program. Your treatment team will work closely with you to develop your personal treatment plan and, over time, assess your ongoing level of improvement. The length of each patient's stay at Chicago Lakeshore Hospital depends on the patient’s individual needs and response to treatment.

Our treatment services also include:

Medical detoxification: In this phase, a psychiatrist oversees the detox process and medicates according to symptoms. This period allows for a safe release from alcohol and drugs under the direction of a license professional. The average length of a medical detoxification treatment can be anywhere between five to seven days. 

Inpatient programs: Due to the intricate nature of coinciding disorders, we offer concurrent behavioral health treatment in addition to treatment. Patients receive regular education about behavioral health and substance abuse in support groups or private therapy sessions. We work with you to help you understand your unique struggles and address triggers, stress management, relapse prevention, and more.

Outpatient programs: Your treatment team works with you to build a solid recovery process that supports independently living and a complete immersion into the community. Our outpatient program provides proactive tools to manage the daily struggles of life and successfully navigate a lifelong journey of recovery. Our outpatient sessions may also include individual or family therapy, recreation, music therapy, psychotherapy and education groups. 

Hospital Admissions

We are available for prospective patient intakes 24 hours a day, seven days a week at our facilities. Our professional intake department will oversee the details of the admission process, which includes a free, confidential chemical dependency evaluation. Our evaluations are designed to help us determine the best possible care for you according to your experiences and psychiatric history.

For more information about our chemical dependency treatment program or to schedule an assessment, please call 877-692-7477. You may also visit us onsite to meet directly with our staff, to tour our facilities, or inquire about additional onsite services. Same day assessments are available.