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Overwhelmed? These 6 Strategies May Help


Feeling overwhelmed can be a major roadblock in our daily lives. It can cause anxiety, and at times it may seem impossible to overcome.

If you have ever felt like you were stuck in a sinking ship, you were probably feeling overwhelmed by something going on in your life. Learning to conquer these feelings requires dedication and patience, but thankfully, it can be done. Try these helpful strategies next time you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed, and see what a difference they can make.

Clear Your Mind

The first thing to do when you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed is to take a step back and clear your mind. There are many strategies to accomplish this, including meditation, deep breathing, and even cleaning. Clearing the physical clutter can encourage mental clarity and calm your anxiety. Try to do something that makes you feel happy and peaceful, or reminds you of your strengths and positive qualities.

Evaluate & Prioritize

Take a look at the things that are weighing you down. Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed by tasks that only you can accomplish, or can someone help you? Do they all need to be finished right away? And most importantly, which ones are the most significant to you?

Cross One Thing off Your List

There are two popular strategies for accomplishing this, so decide which one fits you or your situation best. The first strategy is to take the task that is the biggest, or most stressful, and get it out of the way first. Everything else will seem less intimidating afterward, and you’ll know that the top priority was accomplished. The second approach is to choose something easy that can be accomplished quickly. Simply taking action can propel you into motion and relieve stress.

Stop Trying to Be Perfect

It’s easy to get caught up in plans and expectations, along with the fear of not attaining those imagined results. Remember that you would never expect anyone else in your life to be perfect, because you know it’s unrealistic, so give yourself the same grace.

Look Outward

It can be difficult to think of others when we are feeling overwhelmed with our own lives, but helping or serving someone else is a powerful tool for releasing stress and negativity.

Get Support

Support comes in many forms: family, friends, neighbors, religious leaders, doctors, and counselors. Never be afraid to ask someone for help when you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

Where to Go When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

Chicago Lakeshore Hospital offers a number of services to residents of the Chicago area for all ages. We are dedicated to educating the public about behavioral and mental health, as well as providing programs and resources for recovery. Learn more about the Chicago Lakeshore difference and reach out to us with any questions or concerns. Contact us today for more information!